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Spring has Sprung

Spring always puts me in the mood to clean !  Clean, organize, declutter and purge.  For a couple weeks now, I have been doing all of that. I have a lofty goal of downsizing from 2 storage units to 1.  My really great sport of a husband has been helping me and cheering me on.  He thinks we have too much "stuff". We probably do have too much.  I think most Americans would admit that they have an excess of possessions.  And I have to say it feels so good to have a place for everything and everything in its place.  I am also very aware that clutter causes me stress and anxiety.  (I'm pretty sure there's scientific proof of that somewhere on the World Wide Web)  So the hundreds of pounds of treasure we have donated to a local church, are helping people all the way around. That's a good thing. It really is. But now let me tell you about the hoarder that dwells inside of me.  She's a quirky, fun gal who loves crafting of pretty much any kind and the occasional household or estate auction.  There is a use for just about everything.  Waste not, want not. The whole purging thing goes against every fiber of her being. And that comes natural for her.  She comes from a clan of wonderful hoarding women. 💕 Don't feel bad for her, she's a work in progress and she loves life !  I have managed to keep this gal at bay while I work on my decluttering. And it has helped me to realize that MY inability to let go of "stuff" is a lack of faith that I will always have "enough".  Now truly I have an abundance of all that I need.  And I hope if you are in the middle of spring cleaning, your faith fills you with abundance and you find a place for everything and everything is in its place. 😊

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